For Company:

1. How many square meters of your factory plants, and how many workers in your company?

We have two brands, Ucontrol and NAL, different plants for them, one is 1765m2, another is 1684m2, the one for radio remote control have 138 workers now.


2. How many engineers do you have?

The R&D department have 17 persons totally, 5 for electronic software, 2 for electronic hardware, 6 only for car accessory project, 1 mechanical engineer, 3 assistants.


3. How many sales persons do you have?

For domestic market, we have 5 sales, for overseas market, we have 8 sales, and we also have a new team for car accessory(brand NAL), now only 4 sales.


4. Are you a manufacturer?

Yes, we have own production line, SMT machine and R&D department. If you have time, welcome you come to our factory to confirm by your eyes.


5. Where is your factory?

Quanzhou city, Fujian province, just 1 hour flight from Shenzhen to Quanzhou


6. When did your company start business?

We stepped into wireless remote area in 2005,and on 27th July 2009,we got business license and started to do export sales.


7. How many years that your company stepped into this rf remote area?

We start business in 2005 and are in this line from 2009, creating our “Ucontrol” brand.


8. May I go to visit your company?

Yes, of course. Warmly welcome you to pay a visit to our company, just let us know your business schedule in advance and we would like to make preparation for the coming meeting, and we will pick you up in the airport.


9. Does your company attend any exhibitions?

Yes, we attended HK electronics fair two times each year, also R+T fair in Shanghai, Stuttgart, and sometimes we also participated Canton Fair.


10. I wonder if your company most do export sales or domestic sales?

We started this company from domestic market, so most in domestic at the beginning, but now half and half.


11. How do you sell your products?

Generally ,we sell our products via many of B2B platforms such as Global Sources, Made-in-China and Alibaba etc. We also promote our products in HK fair, R+T fair etc.


12. Do you have any office abroad (in Italy, Germany etc)?

So far we haven’t, but I believe there would be in the future.


13. Do you have any certificates for your factory?

Yes, we have the following certificates for our factory


SGS (Audited supplier of Made in China)

Factory Audit of Alibaba




For Product:


1. Can your remote duplicator copy all kinds of remote controls?

Our duplicator can copy most of fixed code remotes in the market, but not all. There have some rolling code remotes, we need to check the remote is for door or for car, and to see whether we can crack. After cracking, then it can be copied.


2. What  is your MOQ?

Generally MOQ of remote control is 500pcs, but OEM/ODM project will be different, and we can accept trail order.


3. Your remote control prices are really high, I buy only 1.3 dollars from other supplier.

I know you have a wide contact ,and you certainly can get this price ,but please take the quality and service into consideration, not only the price. We are the professional manufacturer, equipped with brilliant R&D team ,complete QC system on raw material and best after-sale service for you .

So because this, our cost is higher than others, we can’t accept 1.3 dollars for any of our remote control.


4. How many models do you have?

We have more than 100 different remote case, then design the PCB according to different customer’s requirement. Every year, we will make new designs, some models we will apply patent protection.


5. Can you print our logo/brand name/company name/label on the products?

Sure, we can, please send details of which you want to print on the products. Also, tell us where you want to print the logo, remote case or PCB?


6. Could you erase your logo from the PCB?

Yes, but MOQ is 500pcs.


7. Can you design a new cover/mould for me ?

Yes, please send uss your detailed request about the new cover, for example, how many buttons, what kinds of buttons, materials etc.


8. What certificate do you have for your products?

CE and RoHS, these two are required for Europe, also, FCC for America, C-Tick for Australia.


9. Can you produce products which comply with CE regulations / directives?

Yes, all of our products can meet the standard. When you place order, please tell us again if you need the order comply with CE regulations.


10. What is the guarantee if I buy your products?

We have complete and strict QC system, can promise 98% product with good working, but if there have any problem with them in future, you can contact us in any time, we will provide after-sales service for always. We will bear the related costs if it is within two years.


For Others:


1. How do  you deliver the goods to me? I mean by your delivery terms.

If you don’t have forwarder in China, we will deliver the goods by our shipping agency. If the goods more than 100kg, send by air or sea will be more cheaper. If the goods less than 100kg, send by DHL will be more cheaper.


2. How long is the delivery?

The standard delivery time is around 45 days, if we have material stock, can be 35 days.



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